At Angela Hunt Photography, we love to photograph newborns. We recommend that you schedule a shoot for a time when you baby is between eight and fourteen days old.  Call us for more information. 

And when you come in, we know you may not yet be feeling like yourself, but think about this--do you have any photographs of you with your mother when you were an infant? That's why we encourage all new mothers to have a Madonna portrait taken.  Don't worry; we have soft black sweaters for you to wear, and the focus will be on you and your baby.  

Babies should also be photographed at the important milestones--when they first begin to hold up their heads (about 3 months), when they begin to sit alone (about six months), and when they begin walking (about 12 months).  And they change so fast, you may well want to bring your baby in for a portrait every month! Together those twelve portraits would make a beautiful "A year in the life" album for your baby's first year. 

We have two baby packages available for new parents: 

First, our Baby Butterfly Club, an amazing deal.  For $99, paid at signup, you can have your baby photographed at three, six, and twelve months. Those three photographs will be combined into a single image and presented to you.  And, of course, you have the option to buy any other images made during those sessions. 

Second, our "A Year in the Life" program, where you bring your baby in once a month for the first twelve months of his life. Babies change with every passing day, and you'll want to record every change. For $1500, you will receive twelve photo sessions and an album with at least 20 images. 

Call us as soon as you learn you are expecting! We can't wait to celebrate with you! 

(And don't forget--we can also capture your memories in a stunning maternity portrait!)  

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